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FINAL RESTOCK - Solid Orange - 10 oz Cotton Lycra

FINAL RESTOCK - Solid Orange - 10 oz Cotton Lycra

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This fabric features a solid cotton lycra. Soft, stretch, breathable, and with great recovery, cotton lycra is great for children and adult clothing. Works great for bands and almost any sewing project rewuiring stretchy fabric.
Fabric Type: 10 oz Cotton Lycra
Fiber Content: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Weight and Thickness: Midweight
Stretch: 100% horizontal, 50% vertical
Softness: 4/5*
Sheerness: 1/5*

*(1=not at all, 5=extremely)
Price is per yard unless specified otherwise. Multiple yards ordered will be sent in one cut unless requested otherwise. Assume all fabrics are 58""-60"" wide unless specified otherwise."

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