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Scrap and Remnant Pack - 6-8 Yards (1 Per Person)

Scrap and Remnant Pack - 6-8 Yards (1 Per Person)

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1 Pack Per Person Only Please. We will refund if multiple packs are bought and only send one. This is to make it as fair as possible to everyone trying to score a box.

These Scrap Packs are stuffed bags that contain approximately 6-8 yards fabric. Bags contain a mixture of Scraps (pieces 1/4 yard to 2 yards with minor flaws such as wonky cuts, test holes, runs, dirt, strings etc.) and Remnants (unflawed pieces 1 yard or less). We will balance out large and small cuts in your box so you get a variety.

This mystery bag is just $20 shipped. Proceeds are donated to charity.

Approximate Total Yards: 6.0-8.0


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