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Round Nine

Quick Cuts - Astronaut Floral - DBP - 2-yard cut

Quick Cuts - Astronaut Floral - DBP - 2-yard cut

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Stretch: 4-Way

Fabrics in the Quick Cuts section are ready-cut pieces of fabric ranging in size from remnants to 3.5 yards. See Product Title for information on Title, Fabric Type and more. Since there is only one piece of each, Quick Cuts sell quickly and they ship quickly since they are already cut, folded and ready to go!

In some situations, Quick Cuts may have minor flaws such as washable dirt, selvage flaws, or small holes. We try to disclose this information when possible and will lower the price of the item to account for such flaws. In some cases there will be extra flawed yardage attached to the piece that extends past the listed yardage. In this case we are including the extra flawed area for free.

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