BYOB- Solid Royal Blue - Power Mesh - 2.5 Yard Cut

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Stretch: 4-Way

Fabrics in the BYOB section are essentially customizable Mystery Boxes. You can build your own box for the low price a Mystery Box would be, without fear of getting a fabric you dislike. Choose as many or as few fabrics as you would like. Fabrics are sold by the piece only and cannot be cut or separated. Each fabric is unique and are very unlikely to ever restock again, so if you find one you love, buy it before it's gone!

Fabrics in the BYOB section are quality sample designer fabrics sold by the piece (ranging in size from 1-3 yards). There is only one piece available of each fabric, and the whole piece must be purchased. Due to the low price of these fabrics, the only details provided are stretch, fabric type and a photo. There may be minor imperfections, but this is rare.

Regular BYOBs: $6.50/yard

Sweater BYOBs: $7.50/yard (to account for thickness in shipping)

Premium BYOBs: $8.00/yard (these are special designer pieces and cost more to acquire. Would be $10+ as a regular listing).