Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are you located?

We are located in El Cajon, California, USA. If you are close by and would like to stop by to pick up your order or browse, send an email to and we can schedule a time to see you!

Is your fabric sold by the yard or half yard?

All fabrics are sold by the yard unless otherwise noted in situations like BYOBs and Precuts. On a normal listing, a quantity of 1 in your cart indicated one yard (36"), so if you put 2 in your cart you would receive a continuous 2-yard cut.

Do you combine shipping on multiple orders?

Yes, but we do tend to ship orders quickly (within 3-7 business days).

*During sales may increase to 1-3 weeks*

Use code ADDON for free shipping if adding one or two yards to an open order. If you place multiple orders before your pending order ships, they will automatically be combined, and any extra shipping paid will be refunded. No action required on your end. If you have a pending order and place another one before your first order has shipped, your orders will be combined and your processing time will default to the processing time of the newest order. If you order the same fabric in two different orders, we will send them in one continuous cut as long as we are able and the fabric from your first order hasn't been cut yet.

What does Rush Order mean?

Rush order is an option at checkout to pay an $8 fee to get your order bumped to the top of the list and shipped out as quickly as possible. Usually within one business day as long as the order isn't extremely large (20+ yards) in which case it might take a bit longer but we will still go as quickly as possible. You can pay for this option if you need something by a close upcoming deadline and the 3-7 business day processing time might not be fast enough.

If you use the Rush Order option and use the ADDON code to refund your shipping cost your order will NOT be rushed. You have to pay the $8 shipping fee at one point on your orders for it to qualify for Rush Shipping.

Do you really offer free shipping?

Yes, our shipping to US addresses is free for our customers, as long as the order is 3 yards or more. For orders that are less than 3 yards, there is a $2.50 shipping charge. This charge is refundable if you are combining with an already open order, or use code ADDON when adding one yard to an open order to have the charge waived.

When did free shipping change to 3 yards+ instead of 2 yards?

Due to the rising cost of PFREs we were experiencing a loss on 2-yard orders and had to raise our free shipping minimum to 3 yards+. Instead of charging the full price of a PFRE we chose to only add the same $2.50 fee that applied to 1-yard orders. This allows up to keep prices low across the board and continue to offer free shipping. The ADDON code will still work if you are combining orders and we are always more than willing to hold your order until you reach the 3-yard minimum if you ask us to.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship to anywhere in the world. While our international shipping is not free, it is discounted by the amount we would normally cover in US shipping. ($8 discount on PFREs, $13 discount on MFRBs, $18 discount on LFRBs). For shipping rates for your country, visit our Policies page. The website may automatically calculate a higher rate for some countries. We will always try to find the lowest cost and refund the difference on your shipment.

My package is late/lost/missing, what do I do?

Please follow the steps in our Lost/Late package guide:

My order arrived flawed/incomplete. What do I do?

If there is an issue with your order, please send an email to Include as many details as possible in your email, including photographs. You have 14 days from the delivery date of your package to notify us about anything wrong with your shipment. Please examine your orders before washing, as we cannot be responsible for order errors after they have been washed or after the 14 days.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. We do have a Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook where you can list your items for sale if you do not like or have extra fabric. We are also not responsible for differences in perceived color due to computer screens. We try to describe color as accurately as possible, and will not issue refunds or accept returns due to this.

Where can I learn more about future stockings?

If you join our Facebook group, we post there regularly with sneak peeks, giveaways, and information about future stockings. Our regular stocking time is Tuesdays at 4pm Pacific.

Do you have any active coupon codes?

We have a 15% off coupon code when you subscribe to our Newsletter. We also have semi-weekly codes sent via the newsletter and other deals announced on occasion or given as gifts during some sales.

Why isn’t my coupon code working?

Only one coupon can be used at a time. Most coupons are one-use-per-customer. If you are sure you have entered your code correctly and you do not apply to the aforementioned criteria, send us an email and we will rectify the situation.

I forgot to use my coupon code, can you go back and apply it to my order for me?

Unfortunately Shopify does not allow us to apply coupon codes to an order after the fact. If we do refund the percentage value of the coupon code, the code would still be available for the customer to use, making it a 2-time use code instead of 1. For this reason we are not able to retroactively refund the value of a code. The code can still be used on a future order.

Will you hold my order?

Yes, we will hold your order as long as you need. Just leave an order note, or if you forget, send an email to and we will hold as long as you need.

What does BYOB stand for?

BYOB stands for Build Your Own Box. These are cuts of fabric we only have one of that would normally be sold in mystery boxes. Instead, we let you choose which fabrics you would like at low prices, so there is no risk of disappointment from a mystery box. BYOBs often sell very quickly and are one of a kind.

What is [insert fabric] and what is it good for?

We have an extensive fabric guide, as well as a fabric quiz to help you learn about the different types of fabrics. Our Facebook group is also a great place for learning about fabrics and sewing, as well as showing off your creations.

I am experiencing a glitch with the website. Who do I contact?

Send an email to and we will look into it right away! Providing as much information as possible, including screenshots, whether you are on mobile or a desktop, what browser you are using, and error codes is very helpful to us!

I forgot to use my coupon, can you apply it after the fact?

Unfortunately we are not able to apply coupon codes retroactively. It can be saved for your next order, however. This also applies to orders you are "adding" to an already pending order. The website will not let us apply an already used coupon code to your next order, even if you are combining them. Each coupon can only be used once in one checkout session, and if it is forgotten, we do not have the power to apply it manually after the fact.

What does (Multiple Cuts) mean?

(Multiple Cuts) in a product title means if you order that product, your order may not be continuous yardage. All cuts will be at least 1 yard long, and total cuts will add up to the amount of yards you ordered, if not more. If a product has (Multiple Cuts) in it’s title, it usually means it is highly likely you will receive more than one cut if you order more than one or two yards. Some fabrics may be sent in multiple cuts even without this in the title (due to unforeseen flaws or test holes), but it is very rare. If a product says (1 Yard Cuts) in the title, it will be sent in multiple 1-yard or generous 1-yard cuts depending on availability.

Do these two fabrics match?

Send us an email at and we are happy to send you additional photos or find coordinates for you.

Do you have more or [insert fabric] or will you be restocking it?

We restock the last cuts of fabric once or twice a month as we have time. This is always announced in our Facebook group in advance, and they will appear in the Restock category once re-added. We always reorder sold out fabrics when we can, but they are often sold out or on backorder from the company and can take time to restock. If you need a fabric and no longer see it listed on our website, our Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook might have someone with some of the fabric to sell.

Why do some fabrics have a per person limit?

Some fabrics are very popular and have a limited quantity, so we limit the amount each person can get so the most people as possible can benefit. Please respect the per person limit, we will uphold this by cancelling orders. This includes ordering under other names and family names, or buying fabric for other people who are not there at the time. Please respect our limits and think of other people who need the fabric as well.