Collection: Organic Cotton Lycra Cuts

These cuts of fabric are made of 93% Organic Cotton, 7% Spandex. They are extremely soft, with great stretch and recovery. Perfect for children's clothes, sleepwear, underwear, tops, dresses, and much more! These pieces are hard to come by, so grab them while you can! There is no other cotton lycra that feels quite as soft and luxurious as this! 4-way stretch, approx 10-11oz per yard. Sold by the piece, ranging from 12" to 2.5 yards.

A "plus" at the end of the product title means the product has more than the stated inches, but the extra area has a flaw or test hole, so you get a bit of extra for free: the inches listed are the smallest selvage-to-selvage area on the cut.

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