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Sweatshirt Fleece Coming Tuesday 12/22 at 4pm Pacific

Posted by Moriah Muck on

I can't even begin to describe the quality of these new Sweatshirt Fleece. If you've scored some before, imagine it being twice as soft and cozy as it already is! I wish I could let you feel them through the screen!
We have 7 gorgeous colors and we'll begin by stocking about 30 yards of each and then restocking as we cut. Fleece is so thick we be careful when estimating and have to round down so we don't oversell.
If you've been hesitant on trying fleece you don't want to skip out on these. They feel like heaven!
75/25 stretch and one of the softest fabrics I've ever felt! Plus they're Cotton/Spandex 😳 ... And 76" Wide!!! That makes these bolts 6'4" tall 😂
These will be regular price $16.50/yd but they will be on sale for their Release day only for $14.50/yd which is a steal for this thickness and quality, especially considering that shipping is free!
Coming Tuesday at 4pm Pacific! Set your alarms!! ⏰


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