Knit Fabric Sampler

Posted by Moriah Muck on

This is the first in a series of events we will be doing this year to get back our roots of fabric education!
Geared towards the new sewist, if you are looking for one compact place to be able to feel and identify 9 common knit fabric types, this sampler is for you!
We used to have a sampler in the past that was very popular, but ended up being pushed aside due to the labor that goes into making them. We have worked very hard to design a new sampler that we can continue to offer, because being an educational, welcoming source to new sewists is extremely important to us!
This sampler contains samples of nine fabrics that you can touch and feel as a reference when ordering knit fabrics online or preparing for your next project. The sampler also includes easy to access links to the fabrics, our intensive fabric guide, and an exclusive coupon code you can use to try new fabrics in the future!
Due to the time and knowledge that goes into creating these, as well as the supplies, labor and shipping costs, these samplers are priced at $8 with free shipping if purchased individually.
If you are already making a purchase, you can use the code SAMPLER to get one for FREE with a $40 purchase!
We look forward to offering even more resources in the future so we can all learn about fabrics and sewing and spread education kindly and empathetically. 🙂


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