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Black Friday Punch Cards and Coupons

Posted by Moriah Muck on

We always include free gifts in our orders. Usually it is a small notion. During big sales we like to include a physical coupon code in your order so you can use it the next time you order to save! Last Black Friday we did Scratch Off coupons where you received a physical coupon code in your order that you scratched off to reveal a code.
This year because the sale is 4 Days long and different all 4 days, everyone will be receiving a physical Punch Card in their order attached to their packing slip. We will be keeping track of what days out of the 4 sale days you order by punching a hole in your card. For each punch you have you will be receiving a physical coupon code in your order, up to 4 codes total if you order all 4 days. We will automatically combine orders, punch cards, and attach coupons for every single person who orders across these 4 days. This is to encourage you to come back and check out the site all 4 days so you can see all the fabrics! 🙂


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