Black Friday Announcement

Black Friday Announcement

Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Sale Announcement and Preparation

Hello everyone! As you might know, we like to go BIG on BFCM and have our biggest sale of the year! This year we are doing some things differently and some things the same as last year so I thought I would go ahead and lay out all the plans here so you know what to expect and can prepare!

1. As usual our sale will be running for 4 days from Black Friday - Cyber Monday
2. Just like last year all fabrics will be priced at $4 $6 $8 or $10. The vast majority will be in the $4 or $6 categories. Shipping is FREE (besides the $0.75 USPS fee) as usual on orders 3 yds+. This is the ONLY TIME fabrics go as low as $4!!
3. Unlike last year, solids will be included from Day 1 of this sale! 👐
4. The BIGGEST CHANGE this year is that we are dividing up the 4 days based on fabric type. We will be offering different fabric types on the website for the 4 different days. This is to establish some control to make cutting and packing orders more efficient so we can get them out to you sooner, and to allow all fabrics to have a chance in the spotlight!
5. For example: on Friday the website will ONLY have DBP, ITY, Jegging, and Double Knits and they will be priced into $4 $6 $8 and $10 categories. The fabrics will be swapped out the next morning. I will take the site down at 7am Pacific and reopen it at 8am to the next fabric types: Cotton, Rayon, Modal, and Jersey on Saturday, and so on (see pic for fabric type details). So make sure you come every day to get a chance to score all fabrics. There will be about 100-150 fabrics available each day.
6. Our order gift this year is going to be physical coupon codes that you can apply to your next order after BFCM. You will be receiving a Punch Card in your order and for every day out of the 4 sale days you order, you will be receiving a coupon code. You can get up to 4 coupons by ordering all 4 days. Coupons are blacked out in the example photo for obvious reasons ;)
Use the code ADDON to void extra shipping fees when combining open orders. Sunday is also my birthday so there will be a special little surprise event happening then as well! 🎁
7. We installed a new Wishlist functionality on the website you can use to browse and prepare for what you want to order. If you want to see your whole wishlist at once I recommend taking a screenshot because once the sale is live only the available fabrics for that day will be visible in your wishlist. It's also a good idea to screenshot in case things don't save across browsers or devices. We haven't had much time to test this new Wishlist program yet, so screenshot to be safe!

I will be taking the website DOWN tomorrow, so browse the website, fill your wishlist, and screenshot it so you are prepared for Friday morning at 8am Pacific! 🤗

We project the processing time for BFCM orders to be 1-3 weeks just like previous years. We usually finish in about 2 weeks. Hopefully with this year's changes we will be able to finish even sooner but I'll still be staying 1-3 weeks just to be safe! :)

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