2022 Website Makeover - New Features

2022 Website Makeover - New Features

Happy New Year!

For 2022 we have made several changes and improvements to the website! We will go over them in detail here:

  • $2.50 Flat Rate Shipping: With shipping costs rising annually and cost of goods going up, Free Shipping is becoming unsustainable to us. We never want to charge our customers more than we have to and don't want the confusion of not knowing what shipping will cost before you get to checkout. For this reason we have decided to make all orders have a flat $2.50 shipping charge. The extra $2.50 per order will go far in ensuring our business is able to stay afloat and keep proving quality fabrics, even with costs of shipping and goods rising. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope you enjoy the other new features we have added! You can still use the ADDON code to combine multiple orders without paying shipping multiple times, and we are happy to hold and add to your order if you ask so you don't have to pay shipping more than once. We have also added a FREE local pickup option for those local to El Cajon/San Diego, CA.
  • Rewards Program: We now have a program where you get rewarded for every $1 spent in our store. Your existing customer account is now your rewards account, or if you did not have an account you can make one. You will earn 10 points for every $1 spend and can redeem 500 points for a $5 code. You can also earn points on your birthday and for following us on Social Media.
  • Live Chat feature: You can now message us on the bottom left of the website. During our operating hours (9am - 6pm Pacific) someone will be present to answer your inquiry quickly. If it is outside of business hours some will answer you as soon as they can. This way you can ask questions about products, orders, etc. and have someone get back to you quickly!
  • Sample Swatches: We are now offering free sample swatches. If you want to try out a fabric or see a color in person before ordering you can order up to 5 free sample swatches, just pay the $2.50 shipping. You will receive your 3"x3" samples in an envelope with no tracking.
  • Text Alerts: You can now sign up for text alerts to be notified of stockings, sales and more! Get a free 15% off code for signing up.
  • Revamped Affiliate Program: We have made a few modifications to our affiliate program. Since the intention of the program is to gain new customers, affiliate sales will now only count for new customers who make a purchase through your link. We have, however, greatly increased the affiliate revenue from $0.50/yd to 15% of the order. Though sales may be less frequent since it requires the customer to be new, you will make more money per sale.
  • Pack Order on TikTok: There is now a checkbox in the cart you can select if you would like us to make a video of us packaging your order and post it to TikTok. You can optionally add your TikTok handle and we will tag you when we post the video!
  • Restyled Customer Page: The customer page has a new attractive look for viewing your past orders, wishlist, rewards, and more. The FAQ page has also had a makeover.
  • Product Recommendations: On the bottom of each product there will be recommendations of other products that are similar to or frequently bought with the product you are viewing. There is also an option to upload photos of creations you have made with the product or see what other customers have made.
  • Welcome Page: We also have a new welcome page with links to all the different ways to interact with our business and places to follow us on Social Media.

We hope you enjoy the new features! There will be more new things to come in 2022 so keep an eye out on our website and socials!


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